Institute Research at the New York State Symposium

Albany, NY, October 16, 2018 – Rob Worden and Hannah Cochran addressed more than 350 criminal justice officials at the Data-Driven Decision Making Symposium convened by the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services. Rob and Hannah spoke about the Institute’s evaluation of New York State’s Nonfatal Shooting Initiative, a demonstration project that provides for additional resources for the investigations of nonfatal shootings in two cities. The Institute’s research includes a qualitative and quantitative process evaluation of investigative and prosecutorial activity, and will generate quantitative estimates of the impacts on investigative outcomes.

Many victims of nonfatal shootings decline to cooperate with law enforcement, thwarting investigations,” Rob said. “Nevertheless, through nearly 18 months, the demonstration sites have shown substantial improvements in case outcomes.” Hannah observed that “thus far, the demonstration shows that more concerted and sustained efforts, and collaboration between investigators and prosecutors, can overcome the evidentiary obstacle of uncooperative victims.”

Institute Research at the Criminology Meeting
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