Institute Research at the Criminology Meeting

Atlanta, November 17, 2018 – The program of the 2018 meeting of the American Society of Criminology, earlier this week in Atlanta, was peppered with presentations of Institute research. On Wednesday, Hannah Cochran and Rob Worden appeared on a panel to present their study, “The Antecedents and Corollaries of Citizens’ Demeanor toward the Police.” Later on Wednesday, Sarah McLean and Cait Dole presented “Police Officers’ Schemata of Victims” on a panel convened by the National Institute of Justice, and on behalf of coauthors Danielle Reynolds, Chris Harris, and Sarah McLean, Rob Worden presented “Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Patterns of Police Officer Proactivity” at another panel. In a poster session on Thursday, Sarah McLean and Jessica Roy shared findings from their evaluation of the Bridging the Gap program. On Friday, Danielle Reynolds reported on “The Role of Supervision in Shaping Officer Discretion,” with coauthors Sarah McLean and Rob Worden also on-hand. Finally, Sarah McLean and Rob Worden presented “Connecting the Dots of Gun Crime: Networks of Firearms, Incidents, and People,” with coauthor Madison Palmer also in attendance.

On Friday afternoon, McLean and Worden relaxed with affiliated Institute researchers and other partners: (from right to left in the photo below) MoonSun Kim (Senior Research Fellow), Heidi Bonner (Senior Research Fellow and Trustee), Tanya Meisenholder (NYPD), Chris Harris (Senior Research Fellow), Shelley Hyland (Research Fellow), McLean, and Worden.

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