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Traffic Safety

Troy Motor Vehicle Crash Analysis


This report was prepared for the Traffic Unit of the Troy, NY Police Department’s Community Services Bureau. The Captain in charge of the unit sought analysis that would enable his officers to mount data driven traffic initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of the unit’s work. The report describes contributing factors and temporal and spatial patterns of crashes in Troy, NY citywide and for each of four “hot spot” areas with dense concentrations of crashes. The report highlights the sort of analysis that can and should be performed by jurisdictions seeking to direct resources toward traffic safety problems.

DDACTS in Theory and Practice


DDACTS originated as a NHTSA/BJA/NIJ initiative, the core of which consists of putting traffic enforcement to work in addressing both crime and traffic safety problems. In this paper, we offer some background on DDACTS. We briefly review the lineage of DDACTS, as the most recent outgrowth of data-driven policing, and thereby set DDACTS in the context of its strategic heritage: directed patrol, problem-oriented policing, and Compstat. We then review theory and evidence on the spatial concentration of crime and crashes, and on the crime and crash reduction effects of spatially focused enforcement initiatives, of which DDACTS is one, to better understand the potential and the limitations of DDACTS enforcement. We then briefly discuss the virtues of problem-solving, multi-agency partnerships, and offender-based approaches to crime and crash problems, which can complement directed traffic enforcement. Finally, we consider some of the implications for the practice of DDACTS.

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