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Compstat in the Granger Police Department: A First-Year Appraisal

Robert E. Worden and Sarah J. McLean (April, 2008)


The Granger Police Department adopted Compstat in 2006, after preparatory work that began in 2005. In contrast with the NYPD, a bureaucracy of gargantuan proportions, and New York City, a city of more than seven million people, the Granger PD – like the more typical American police agency – is a small enough organization that its employees can all be acquainted with one another, serving a city that is smaller in population than one of NYPD’s precincts. We would not expect that the details of Compstat operation would be the same in GPD as in NYPD, but rather that Compstat would be adapted to GPD’s organizational structure and environment. Compstat, however, does not come with a user’s guide, complete with directions on how it can be adjusted while remaining faithful to the principles that made it successful in NYPD. When Compstat was introduced in Granger, it was with the expectation that it would evolve as everyone became more accustomed to the process, as the capacity for analysis expanded, and as the process was modified based on experience. The purpose of this report is to contribute to that evolution. With approximately one year of experience with Compstat, we sought to take stock of how it is working, and how it can be altered to work better.

Compstat: A Synopsis

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